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Todd Mikkelson registering his candidacy at the MN Secretary of State's office

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Todd Mikkelson

Minnesota's property taxes are lower for the first time in over a decade, Forbes rates us as the 3rd best place to make a living, CNBC rates MN as the 6th top state for business, we've funded all day kindergarten, and we finally have the resources to invest in areas that have been neglected for over a decade, like infrastructure, education, and property tax relief. Unfortunately, our current representative has not been a part of any of this and in fact has criticized this progress.

I hope you'll help me restore a sensible voice to the
State Capitol for district 33A.

Inventor - Business Owner - Problem Solver

I worked with a group that brought over a dozen actual small business owners to voice our views during the legislative session. And we made a difference.

As a moderate Democrat, I did not hesitate to call out the DFL on measures that we felt could potentially harm small businesses. And they listened.

Growing up here, I know that's what the people of district 33A expect from their representative at the Capitol. But they're not receiving that now, and that's why I'm running.

Last time, I received more votes than any state house candidate without an (R) after their name in this district ever. We narrowed the gap between the candidates by 18 points.*

This time I intend to take it all the way to a win.

I've started a lot earlier, I've put together a strong team, and I have a clearer vision informed by my experiences running last time.

Thank you,

Todd Mikkelson
for State Representative

District 33A

My opponent is 1 of only 4
MN House Reps to vote with
Americans for Prosperity

(Extreme Tea Party/Koch Bros entity)
on all 10 of their latest extreme key bills.
Read about it here
That does NOT represent the
independent minded people of this district.

*Secretary Of State data compiled and reallocated to the new district boundary
using Maptitude Redistricting software. Accurate and official numbers that
correlate to the new area that is district 33A are reflected here.


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